Pentagram Yoga

Intention is the core of ritual.

Pentagram Yoga begins by asking “what do you really want?'“


Articulating this intention and amplifying it through your body becomes the focal point of the practice.

Your intention becomes charged with your breath, empowered and conducted through your body, assisted to come into manifestation with elemental energies, and continues through the ongoing commitment that you make to your vision.

Pentagram Yoga combines the focus of ritual magick with the energetic power of the body through yoga practice. We bring intention, body, energy and spirit together to strengthen your body, create meaningful shifts in your life and return you home to yourself.


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“There were times when I felt like the captain of a Space Shuttle. I can understand why the Secret Sects kept this kind of information exclusive. And I imagine like them, the excitement you must get as you pull away the covers of this universal truth. Simple, profound, and divine. I loved it so much.”

— Matthew Brady, Workshop Participant


Supercharge your intentions and transform your life.

  • Build strength and vibrant physical health.

  • Rapid manifestation of your intentions.

  • Know more deeply who you are and what you want

  • Cultivate your imagination and become the author of your story.

  • Live congruently with your vision, making your story a reality.

  • Reclaim the power to decide how you want your life to be.


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