How to Craft Clear Intentions that Work


How to Craft Clear Intentions That Work

A friend of mine recently described to me how he was in a bad situation—he lost his job, his visa to stay in his country of residence and he was running low on money.

It was not looking good and his options were thin. It was a situation where only luck could help him avoid a deeply negative outcome.

Thankfully, my friend has a background with magick. When push comes to shove, he knows how to pull himself together with intention and then do what he needs to bring that intention into being. That is partially effort in the real world and partially something that resembles focused prayer. He got to work one day and got really clear on what he needed for himself and put a lot of energy in to the magick to make it real.

Two days later he gets an unexpected call from a friend with a surprising job offer. It came in quick and far exceeded his stated intention—he was to move into a luxury villa and work for a man he has always wanted to study with, his main job responsibility being to keep up his own practices, something he has been hoping to find time for. It could not have been better.

For all the times we have been advised to "set your intention" or visualize what we want, in the majority of the cases, our intentions fall flat, resembling more of wishful thinking than anything that will bend reality in a serious way.

What are the differences between an intention that lands and one that dissipates?

Some may say all wishes are ultimately fulfilled in this life or the next, but I'm interested in quicker results. Thankfully smart people have been modeling this for a very long time. The following are the factors that will get the best results:

Step One: Admit What You Want

Nobody's looking. It's your mind and you get to play in it however you want. I use the word "admit" because so many of us are conditioned to not ask for what we want. We might think of others first. Not a bad thing really but this moment is for you. Asking for what you want is an act of self-love and it is your right. Make sure it gives you a feeling of "YES!" in your body when you think about it. Tepid feelings don't do much to change your reality. Besides, if what you are intending does not get you excited, then it's probably not worth it.

Step Two: Be OK with the Consequences

What if you get what you want but it means you have to lose something that you truly care about in the process? Can you get what you want and have it lift the important people in your life at the same time? Can it support instead of detract from your health? If you get the job but have to lose a relationship with someone that you love then something is missing from the equation. If you find that the trade-off is worth it, then that is useful information for you as well. Think your intentions through in a wider context and make sure the best parts of your life as a whole are preserved. 

Step Three: Adjust your Thermometer

Consider for a moment, an air conditioner or room heater set to a specific temperature. When the temperature of the room falls above or below a certain range, the machine kicks on. We also have settings or criteria which we either sabotage or support so that our inner world and perception of reality remain consistent. It's why the broke lottery winner will, statistically speaking, return to being broke within two years. As children, we picked up our "settings" of how things are supposed to be for ourselves, our gender or our tribe. Be mindful that what you intend is actually ok with you. If you do the work on yourself, you can have an awesome life and know that you deserve it

Step Four: Go for the Probable

For something to 'be' it first has to be possible. It should also be probable. It is possible that you win the lottery for millions of dollars. But it's not probable. As you make intentions, work to nudge events in your favor in a variety of ways rather than shooting for the unlikely. That’s not to say don’t dream big. Dream huge! But find dreams that are deeply meaningful to your life and work within the storyline of your biography. The more you build, the more you will be able to accomplish.

Step Five: Roll up your Sleeves

You can intend all you want for a new job but unless you send out a resume, it's not likely much will come your way. Pair your intention work with practical efforts. Spirits are said to be jealous of humans because we can make matter move. Use this physical incarnation to its fullest. Don't just wish. Get to work in real ways that move your life forward.

Magick can be as simple as a clear statement of intention with intense focus and energy pushed through it. When you have a ritual such as Pentagram Yoga, you make a container for your energy that allows it to build and facilitates rapid manifestation.

Adrian Cox