✪ Can anyone practice Pentagram Yoga?

If you can walk, yes. Earth and Water sequences are suitable for complete beginners to yoga. Fire, Air and Space are more suitable as your body develops more strength and flexibility. None of it is necessarily about having a perfect handstand. In fact, a practice is only about 50% yoga postures. However practitioners find that the way we use the breath, cultivate energy flow and visualize the five elements within the body will actually make yoga postures much lighter and much easier. Continued practice will lead you to towards mastery over your own body, which means handstands if you want it to.

“My backbends and headstand are so much easier and lighter than ever before”

“It blew my mind how when I engaged the energy and visualization of the Space Element, I found that my backbends and headstand became so much easier and lighter than ever before. In fact, I have never had this easy, safe feeling in yoga until now. I feel so lucky to find Pentagram Yoga. It’s just want I am looking for and it isn’t easy find the right teacher for this kind of topic. Definitely I will join your next workshop and explore more with you. Adrian, thank you so much for bringing the magick to me!”
— Jessie Pan - Workshop Participant

✪ How is Pentagram Yoga different than Law of Attraction?

It is like the Law of Attraction on steroids. We use a more precise method that uses your body, raises energy and increases focus. We also emphasize the needed practical work that is missing from ‘The Secret’ and other places. The key place in the ritual is the pledge you make in front of yourself and the universe to take action on your intention in your daily life. You might be surprised how quickly that the things you want manifest in your life- sometimes shockingly so!

“Most people need years in therapy… but I saw this in the space of minutes”

“On the 2nd day of the workshop, I conjured from the universe living proof that energy can shift if it is my true and pure will. Most people need years in therapy to get to this point, but I saw this in the space of minutes. My most powerful example (among many) is that after asking the universe (during the workshop) to break the spell of past lovers, not 10 minutes later (during the break) I was approached in the most charming way by the most beautiful man I have seen in years - EXACTLY my type (tall, green eyes/black hair, accent, shirt off, sweaty from the gym, and shy to boot!). This was on a Bangkok street, which is even more incongruous. I would recommend this practice to anyone with a nagging feeling there is something missing in their lives, or searching for meaning, or to get out of a rut, or simply to have some fun with their own potential and power, provided they are able to think outside the box and just imagine what could be”
— Shelly Sayagh - Workshop Participant

✪ Is this religion?

No. While we use imagery and symbols such as Archangels and prayer which are common to most religions, there is no faith or belief required. The practice fosters a sense of one’s own soul and personal sovereignty. You become the High Priestess or Priest of your own religion to which you alone are writing the rules for.


✪ What is Magick?

Great question. It is a way of reclaiming your power and shaping your life. It is a form of prayer and intention that is meant to create changes inside you and in your life. Read more about what magick is