Can anyone practice Pentagram Yoga?

Pentagram Yoga has been developed to be accessible to all levels. If you are a complete beginner, you will develop greater strength and flexibility. If you already have a strong practice, you will be challenged and lead toward greater mastery.

This form isn’t focused on developing the perfect handstand—instead we work with the breath, cultivate energy flow, visualization, and asanas to bring about an energetic shift.

The goal of Pentagram Yoga is to create a profound improvement in the quality of your life.

What is ritual magick?

Ritual magick is an intentional sequence of movements, sounds, breath and visualisation. It harnesses energy and imagination to amplify your intention. Ritual magick can be be compared to a martial art ‘kata’, expressed as a form of prayer that brings all of you together to create changes on the inside and out. It is a way of reclaiming your power and shaping your life. In Pentagram Yoga, we work strictly with magick that is a force for good in the world.

How is this different from other forms of yoga or ritual magick?

Many yoga classes begin with the teacher inviting you to “set your intention” but rarely is that intention revisited during the course of the class. It typically becomes an afterthought. In Pentagram Yoga, the intention is the focus throughout the practice.

Setting intentions is a key aspect to ritual magick, but often those intentions are held in the mind alone, and the opportunity is missed to supercharge them with energy created in the body. Magick is more powerful when your breath flows freely and your energy is clear.

The combination of clear intention and working with the body creates a powerful alchemy that opens up possibility in your life, helps you achieve goals, and assists you in creating the future you want.

Is this a religion?

Pentagram Yoga is a practice, not a religion. You are not asked to become a follower. It is designed to encourage and grow one’s own personal sovereignty. You become the High Priestess or Priest of your own religion, created entirely by you, for yourself. While we do use imagery and symbols that can be found in many religions and spiritual practices, there is no faith or spiritual belief required. We only ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to try new things.

Is it safe?

Pentagram Yoga is a completely safe ritual magick practice as well as a safe yoga practice. It is beneficial energy work that can be practiced by anyone who aspires to reach a higher state of consciousness. We never teach students techniques that could cause harm if wielded by a beginner. We do not teach how to work with curses or impede another’s free will. This is a positive magick practice designed to bring inspiration and improvement to your own life.