Pentagram Yoga

We believe that you can live a life that you love, right now. 

By cultivating your imagination and setting intentions you become the author of your story. By living congruently with your vision,
you make your story a reality.

We combine the focus of ritual magick with the energetic power
of the body through yogic practice to supercharge your intentions
and transform your life.


Intention is the core of ritual.


Pentagram Yoga begins by asking “what do you really want?”

Articulating this intention and holding it in your mind becomes the focal point of the practice. The intention becomes charged by the energy of your breath, is amplified by being conducted through your body, assisted to come into manifestation by angelic entities, and continues through the ongoing commitment that you make to your vision.

The ritual magick of Pentagram Yoga works on multiple levels to create change on the inside and out. The Microcosmic Level shifts your mind and emotions and the Macrocosmic Level brings change in the physical world.

The ritual magick is enhanced through the use of yoga techniques, meditation and attentional engagement. The magick will initially disguise itself as “lucky coincidence” but with practice, your whole life will become intentional and charmed. 


Imagination is key to leading a life of your own design.