Pentagram Level I: Opening the Circle

  • Open your body, increase your energy and learn how to project energy through your body

  • begin with some pranayama/meditation to settle into an intention setting space

  • induction into possibility and writing

  • Then a space demarcation and banishing that is easy with few words: QC (no words), pentagrams (no words), evocation of angels

  • a flow sequence

  • pranayama and energy clearing for central channel

  • statement of intent

  • invocation of energies and angels into swirl of space around oneself. 6 different pentagrams

  • statement, prayer, commitment

  • savasana, meditation

  • QC

  • Level II: Elemental Work

  • deeper into LBRP with words

  • Elemental sequences

  • Middle pillar with words and energy balls

  • GIRP with words

    Level III: Hexagram

  • talk about enriching fields- add Hexagram rituals

Pentagram Yoga Level I

Use the Powers of your Mind and Body, master the Five Elements of Creation and access True Magick. Pentagram Yoga is a magick ritual practice with Vinyasa yoga. It fosters strength, health and shows you how to influence the shape of your life through intention and inner and outer congruency. It is for seekers who wish to develop a fuller spectrum of human abilities. It includes and also goes beyond yoga to develop the power within you to create the life that you really want.

In these six workshops, you will clarify your intention and learn how to link the changes that you want to see in your life with one of or a combination of, the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air or Space. Each of these elements relates to an area of the body, specific breathing techniques, mantras and visualizations. As you cultivate the Elemental Energy and direct it towards the manifestation of your intention, surprising and positive changes will be set into motion.

Each workshop will focus on one of the Five Elements, setting the related intention and working that area of your body with precise, alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga. In the final workshop, you will practice the full Yoga Pentagram ritual and apply each element in turn towards your intention. A candle will be supplied and you will be guided how to use this for candle magick. You’ll take this candle and experience home with you, learning how you can live your life more intentionally and experience more of what you want.

FRIDAY: Opening the Circle

GROUNDING- The Earth Element
Grounding Energy & Standing Asana 2.5 hours

FLUID- The Water Element
Working with emotions & Hip Openers 2 hours

WILL- The Fire Element
Developing Fire, Focus & Concentration with Breath and Asana 2 hours

HEART - The Air Element
Love & Backbends 2 hours

WISDOM - The Space Element
Source Energy & Inversions 2 hours

MAGICK* - Yoga Pentagram 5 Element Ritual 2 hours

*It is strongly recommended that you attend all six workshops to learn this method in full.
MAGICK class is only available to those who have attended at least 4 of the workshops on this weekend

Pentagram Yoga: AIR & SPACE Intensive

Handstands, Backbends and Ritual Magick

 APRIL 27-28

Pentagram Yoga is ritual magick with yoga practice. It uses body, energy and spirit to align with clear intention. These sequences cultivate an experience of Elemental Energies of AIR and SPACE which can be used to open your roads and clear your pathways, to receive inspiration to get out of stuck-ness, get energy moving in your life and projects to move forwards.

AIR element is cultivated through backward bends, SPACE element is cultivated through inversions and a focus on the central channel of energy in the spine. Both sequences use strong breathwork, visualization and mantra to generate subtle awareness and energy that is projected towards the intention that you set in the beginning. This workshop will give you the knowledge and skills to perfect your backbends as well as handstands and headstands. 

Many students report surprising life changing shifts and manifestation of their intentions as a result of the practice of Pentagram Yoga. It is a powerful experience of energy, visualization, sound and body that you will remember forever.

DAY 1: AIR ELEMENT: Body Focus: Backbends. Intention Focus: Healing, Higher Mind and Communication, getting unstuck

9AM-1PM: Pentagram Yoga Ritual primer, forming clear intention, backward bending and pranayama techniques
3-5PM: Pentagram Yoga Ritual: AIR

DAY 2: SPACE ELEMENT: Body Focus: Handstands, Headstands, Central Channel Intention Focus: Wisdom, Divine Inspiration, Open Roads, Clear Pathways

9AM-12:30: Pentagram Yoga Space Ritual, Handstand and Headstand workshop
3-5: Pentagram Yoga Ritual: AIR & SPACE

*This workshop is suitable for yoga students who can comfortably do sun salutations at this present time

PRICE: 5,000 baht members 6,000 baht non-members

Pentagram Yoga Teacher Training